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Robin Klaasen
Mink Visser
Daniel Bleeker
Chloe Fouladi Pour
Lisa Klaasen
Algemeen Okt

Fysiotherapeut elke dinsdag op Xenios van 19.30 - 22.00

Nieuws afbeelding

"Hi, my name is Arthur and I am a physiotherapist with specialization in injuries applied to hockey.

I have graduated 6 years ago and I have international experience working  for the Brazilian national team of hockey, which I did for 4 years.
On my studies in Brazil I became specialized spine injuries and manual therapy and this is crucial for the prevention, treatment and rehab on spine injuries and injuries related to hockey and sports.
I am very enthusiastic and excited to do my job on this amazing club and I will be at Xenios every Tuesday from 19:30 until 22:00

My Dutch is getting better and better and I would appreciate if all Xenios-players would teach me some more.

In Dutch: ik ben iedere dinsdag van 19.30 tot 22.00 op Xenios (ruimte links naast de kleedkamers) om je blessure te checken en ik hoop jullie allemaal te leren kennen!

See you there!”


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